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Find Out Why A Cat Have Stressed and How to Fix The Problems

symptoms anxiety cats
symptoms of anxiety cats

Why A Cat Have Stressed?

Stress or anxiety in animals is an unusual activity that happens it the animal’s environment so that changes suddenly without handling by animals that can affect nature animals live. If the animals do not handle the situation may fatal effect on them.

Cats can not handle changes well. Even slight changes in the cat’s environment that trigger stress. Major changes, such as touching, or introducing new babies, couples, or other animals in the household, can have shocking effects.

Stressed or anxiety that not just for experienced for human. Animals like cats also can having stress caused by several conditions and situations. Anxiety in cats has handled with the right treatment. Stress can be for the further negative effect such as loss hair, appetite so that can lose weight, sick and so on.

Anxiety is where condition and suddenly happen for cats in the environment so the cats can’t handling the situation by itself like confused to face the situation and make its stress. so you have immediately handling to treat the cats as soon as possible before the cats have more trouble.

The cause that makes cats having stress is various factors and the handling to care its also have different depend on factor stress cause:

New members (human or animal).

cat stress caused
cat stress caused by newcomer Illustration
image credit

Cats may respond to a new family member. By knowing this and setting up in advance, the concerned caregiver can help the cat to keep away from the stress of an unexpected introduction while letting the cat know that is important. Introduce a new member or human roommate calls for accepting and be patient to wait for. The new members family needs to allow the cat to come around at its own pace and to avoid trying to rush the relationship.

Veterinarians visit

cat anxiety
cat anxiety illustration
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Many cats are anxious and stressed out during the veterinarian comes. With shelter to pick up your cat is very important and put a slight blanket on top of the shelter while cats are in the vet office can help cover the travel steps.

Your and cats changes in daily routines activities

Your new jobs or other changes in daily routines should also be addressed with prior planning. A week before it starts working. Start off on that day for a period of time that is gradually increasing. Upon you come back, make big things with your cat. Bring the cat around, nurture animal, and ask how their day is that day. By the time your work starts. Your cat will be fairly knowing with your activities all through the day.

Move to a new home

cat anxiety caused
cat anxiety caused
Image credit

If you change or moving to a new house you begin to think about how to ask your cats that they can move to a new resident with carefully without making any disrupted as little as possible. During local displacement, your cat stays covered in a separate room with favorite toys, litter box, food, and beds. While the other part house is moved. Pick up the kitten and all the stuff to the new home, where you will put cats in a safe room when you unload and rearrange the other room.

Having your own stuff around will help your cat to understand that it is its home. The long-distance move is better handled with ask help, someone. Ask a person to go to a new residence and set up a safe room for a cat. Others will be joining the cats in a pick up with their favorite toy.

Cats harshness experiences

The cats that have to suffer from the harshness that can affect the cat’s mentality such as depressed and traumatic about a bad situation that ever happens for its. The long term traumatic makes cats stress more.

To fix the problem is you have caring it’s with more every day and make caring its with the right way and consult with your vet routine. Give its belief in you that makes the cats feeling comfort beside you.

Met with other cats

cats stress cause
Cat stress cause Illustration. Image Credit

If you have moved to a new residence there are may any new cats that can appear around your house so that if your home cats met with other cats and give sign like to fight with your cats that makes cats stress. Your cats having stress because intimidated by other cats that dominant with.

So that depressed and stressed with other cats so that you have to avoid your cats touch or to close with other dominant instinct cats that can be intimidated your can until your cats have brave to met other cats or the until feeling comfort with other cats.


Fear about wild animals.

cat anxiety caused
cat and snake
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If your house bush near that may have wild animals like a snake sometimes seen by your cats that makes its fear or traumatic with.

Like female cats with babies that more easy to having stress, it is fear about it is babies being prey for wild animals. So to fix a problem you have to makes sure the cats safe from everything and make it comfortable with cats environment.

Stress After giving birth

cat stress after giving birth
cat stress after giving birth illustrations. Image credit

Mother cats having more potential to having stress and more sensitive after giving birth that causes by fear by loss the babies. She stresses to make the babies still safe from a predator. When it’s after giving birth she will protect its babies from everything she won’t anybody come to close even you touch her it will feel stressed.

You have to avoid any things that potential to close the mother cats with babies room. Make sure it feels save there.

A cat who in quarantine for long term

Cats with quarantine in a small cage in the long term that makes it fear about others. So, you have do not put your cats tied in the small cage if it needs just for while not be too often.

cat stress
cat stress in a small cage illustration

There is a view cause that makes a cat in anxiety experience the cats with specials incident is the main factors a cat have stressed. If stress not handling in the right treatment that makes the wrong thing so you have immediately to address the problem or visit the veterinarians.