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Causes and How To Treatment Hair Loss in Cats

Hair is an important thing for cats it has various benefits such as being warmer, anti-bacteria, and beautifies. For example, The long Persian cat makes it more beautiful with long hair. But if the cat’s hair loss, as an owner, makes you sad and a little bit make stress when the cat is without hair, and should quickly figure out the problem.

Treatment hair Loss in Cat

# Cat Losing Hair on Belly

In many cases, cats commonly lose their hair around the body but in special cases often lose hair around their neck and belly that may causes by ringworm or flea in the affected area. In belly hair loss may causes by many factors such as bite by mites, ringworm irritation, and temperature.

If you have used clothes for your cats or some accessories may be an inappropriate tool for a cat. In many cases, the main causes of cats losing hair are temperature change and heat that make cats heat up.

# Cat Losing Hair On Back Near Tail

Back near tail cat is are where the cat difficult reach to licking it so that on the area the bacteria cat-free live and grow in hair and skin. The bacteria could trigger an irritated and ringworm infection. So, you must be taken more care of the area and make sure it is clean enough.

# Hair Loss in Cats Around Neck

This is more often happens for cats with ringneck uses. The main causes of hair loss in the neck area are ringneck material is unsuitable for your cat to change and treat immediately your cat before a more serious thing.

# Cat Losing Hair and Weight

Cat losing hair and weight usually happen when its time comes like a pregnant cat or mate period that is normal you don’t need to worry about it. But if the cat hair loss is caused by another thing you must read more what the main cause your cat hair falls off. Identification of the causes and giving the right treatment for your cat. Cat Losing weight is usually caused by stress you have found what makes it stressful and address the problem.

Cat Loss Hair
Cat Loss Hair
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# Here are Common Causes why your cat’s loses hair

Health Can Cause Hair Loss In Cats

Even if it is, positively there is no chance your cat is experiencing lice, certain hair loss patterns. Particularly around the thighs, lower back, abdomen, and pelvis. Cats with plagues are excellent hairdressers so they lick all the facts of the pursuer. Other small external parasites, such as mites and lice, and bugs can also trigger a cat’s hair loss.

Cats that are allergic to food or a breathing material occurrence cat hair loss around the head and neck. Showing in skin emerge quite normal show signs of derived bacterial contamination as well as irritation. Your veterinarian possibly will suggest checks with hypoallergenic foods, in addition to further allergic tests to get main that trigger the cat hair loss.

There are a lot of factors that be able interfere with common cat hair growth phases, which cause unexpected hair loss, such as metabolic or endocrine situations, pregnancy, and drug use.


Well, this is also usually cat lovers ignore that could cause make losing its hair. Lack of A and E vitamins where the nutrients are needed in the configuration cat hair.

Hair Fall it is Period

How could? Yes. sometimes cats will lose hair it is natural. Usually, once a year a cat will lose its hair. It will quickly change new hair and soft. Female cats that are mating period or pregnant also easy to lose their hair.


The main function of cat hair is body temperature regulation. In winter, the thick cat hair will warm its body. When summer comes cat hair will loss to make the cat follow the temperature that is comfortable with not heat up? Different types of cats are still the same hair when winter and summer.

Using Wrong Bathe Product

If not careful choosing to bathe product for a cat it makes fatal happen. If you are using one product that suits for cat make sure never change it because it makes it unsuitable for your cat with another product. If you bathe a cat with a mismatched shampoo it will cause cat hair to lose. Don’t choose the cat shampoo product that’s a lot of foaming because it is often found high levels of detergent and causes the cat irritated and makes it hair loss.

Overload vitamins

Excess vitamins are also not good. Vitamins overdose could cause hair loss in the cat, dry skin as peeling, and crusty. So, don’t be giving overdose vitamins for the cat. Just given how it is needed!


Autoimmunity is an immune disorder that can cause cats to lose their hair. Check to the veterinarian immediately because autoimmune are systemic and complex diseases.


Allergies are also making hair cat loss! Allergies could be trigger more serious to cat hair such as drugs, wrong vaccines, parasites, cat food. If you have a chaos problem like that, better directly bring your cat to the veterinarian.


Stress makes the blood vessels that serve to drive nutrients throughout the body are stuck. So, the cat does not well and makes losing its hair. Read more about how to fix cats having anxiety


Long hair cats will are a high risk of fungus when the moist hair condition it will fall out. Ringworm has immediately treat because the fungus can be spread to healthy skin. Check here for your guide on how to get rid of ringworm from your cat it is easy to do by yourself at home without going to the veterinarian.

Cat Fleas

Fleas one of the ectoparasites live in the cat hair and cat skin. Fleas will take the important body nutrients from cat blood through the skin, that make automatically the cat hair will fall off. The important nutrients are common to maintain cat health. Read this to get rid of flea from cats.


The ticks are almost the same as fleas these mites make small holes that can be seen in the cat skin. That makes infection in the skin and loss of hair.

Now. You know what causes that make loss hair in cats that many reasons could be y[our cat loss it hair that why you have to know how to solve the problem before the fatal thing come.

#These Are How to Treatment Hair Loss In Cats

Check Cat Health to Vet Regularly

You have checked your cat healthy with the vet regularly. It could be the loss of hair caused by a certain disease so that you must immediately consult your vet.

Cat Hair loss Drugs

Find the right drugs for your cat that especially resolve the cat hair loss there many products for cats usually like food and drugs. But better you chose the food supplement and vitamins for easy to use for the cat. You can buy it in a pet shop. Use the drug sufficiently and don’t be an overdose. You can choose cats supplements and vitamins there is the best seller product list here.

Cleaning and Bathing Cat

Bathing cats is a powerful way to eradicate parasites, mites, fungi, bacteria that can affect cat hair. Cleaning cats with bathing as a routine once a week is can make the cat’s hair and skin clean that making the hair cat grow well.


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Use dryer after bathe

Cat hair that does not dry after the bathing process will make the cat skin moist and cause the fungus to easily grow there so that makes cats hair growth disturbs in to make it fall off. Therefore, you should immediately dry the cat’s hair after finishing bathing it. Make sure the temperature of the hairdryer you use is suitable for the cat to protect the hair and still be healthy.

Combing Cat hair

Combing cat hair is a bit difficult and disturbing to do when the hair is falling so that combing will make the cat hair lose fall stick on the floor. But combing cats have positive things like rising metabolism. Combing work like a massage for cats. So cat hair will grow stronger also remove lice or mites. You can use the toothbrush to combine that to make an easier and reduce waste in your home.


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Let Its As Usual Treatment

Some time let it just heal its self is better than giving wrong drugs or Inappropriate care for your loved cats. In the wild can find the natural drugs that are exactly appropriate for it. But in our home cats also can find better healing by themselves in the special condition we have carefully looked at the cat if the problem makes it fatal better bring the cat to the veterinarian.

Some causes such as already in time to lose its hair such as when the cat is pregnant or passionate. After cat loss hair treatment should be continued.

Replace With Suitable Cats Care Products

There is a lot of suitable product out there an example of cat food, bath products, or related to cat body care. If all product feels unsuitable for your cats like the tools trigger irritation on cats’ skin you better change it immediately you have to consult a veterinarian.

Giving Toys That Make Cats Feel Good

Cats need toys for exercise and playing without toy sometimes makes cats feel stressed give them special toys so that your cat is happy playing with them and make sure toys do not make hair loss when it plays.

You can give a special toy to the cat so that your cat is happy and the fur does not fall out. The ball is a suitable toy for the cat so that save for its hair protects. Check here for example cats play more safely with balls.

Give Cats Supplements and Vitamins

Supplement and vitamins are important things for cats so they always provide the best product in your home! Give it enough for the nutritional and health needs. Be careful don’t give more vitamins or overdose that make it dangerous!

There is a guide for resolving when you have a problem with the cat losing its hair and causes that trigger the cat to lose its hair. If you think this information is valuable please share it with your friend.

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