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About Us

Hello There!

Thanks for visit to our website on this website for education purpose especially introduce and share about animals such as Birds live and to increase lives and population of birds.

As we know the technology and human increase very fast as so far in 21 century. The human being its important thing to make our lives can continue but that not mean the animals being ignore by us.

Through this website we share good speech about save animal even if we give some video to that catch birds that not for us to do like that but it's just sample for our can avoid like that kind is very bad things.

All of our have a kind thing to save other not only we care about human being but also animals being is important too. To create the balancing live between human raise and animals raise we have to take real action for aware about animal like a beautiful birds can liver well beside us.

They can see they build nest beside or we can share our home with them to breeding and laid egg through grow up the baby.

In case in many poor country the beautiful birds its being to hunted that because the price of them is expensive. That kind is danger and make them put on rare list animal. What I have to do for save them lives?

The human no money to buy food and the other hand we must save the animals from hunting by poor human?

The little things of that I try to share speech about care and make happy living beside beautiful birds and I mention its their live free not on cage at our home.

The last of my world on this page is lets star with little thing what I can do for them and for our earth.

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