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Raise Baby Starling Bird Bird Through It Fly and Release Back To The Wild

Feeding Baby starling from chick to Juvenile

baby starling
baby starling bird

View week ago when I came home suddenly I saw something like a black spot from far. I come to the close I saw that was baby starling and pick up to my home. It’s old about 1 week when I found it.

What Do Starlings Eat

Before I decided to feed it with concentrate I do little research about the main food of starling birds then I went to the bird store to find out the bird’s food. That I think perfect food for all birds. As I know the starling eat in the wild is fruits and insects such as berries and insects. Sometimes it hunts lizards and frogs.

Starling Bird Facts

baby starling
raise baby staling bird

About starling bird facts most of their life in Europe and the US like common starling birds. Starling bird species spread from Europe, America, and Asia. This video was starling from Asians the bird usually finds on the Buffalo and Caw inland field.

  • They are mutual symbiosis animal relationship with mammal-like Buffalo and Caw.
  • Starling birds can grow so fast about 2 weeks can be fly and begin to find food by itself and join with hundred to thousand with its flock.
  • Starling builds a nest on the dead tree the pecks the tree to make a hole for a nest or stole a woodpecker nest.
  • Like a parrot, a starling bird can train to talk.
  • Starling’s claw is sharp like a hawk but their grip is not strong enough like a bird of prey.

Here is the common starling bird raise up video:

Starling Bird Sounds

It sounds can be loud to welcome each other the common starling is louder it sounds than the other but if you have heard glossy starling is the best loud sound.

This video is about the progress of the starling bird when I raised it in my home.

Day 3

Day 5

Day 7

Day 10

Day 17

The starling knows ready to release. But before starling, I prepare the bird to train it how to survive in the wild and if it is ready I will release it into the wild and nearby starling flock. Hopeful the bird can grow well and strong to survive and can find a mate.

Here is the last video about starling birds it was growing to juvenile and beginning to learn to survive in the wild with its community.