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How To Trim Cat Claws With Human Clippers - Follows The Guide

How To Trim Cat Claws With Human Clippers

Claws for cats are an important job it’s become the main tool for cats besides canine used when it hunting. Actually, in the wild cats are can caring their nails by themselves to still sharp with scratched the tree, rock, and some stuff that can be a sharpener.

But for pet owners who keep cats as part of a family, its claws can also be a little bit annoying their cats often scratched the furniture in their house for the reason cat’s owner finds the best way to trim their cat’s claws.

Trimming cat claws is the wrong thing. It needs the claws to hunt but as a pet, they need claws because the claws are used for play or just train fight each other.

We can trim the cat claw with having experience with how to that if wrong in taking nails it can be serious bloody in cats. We just need to trim the tip of her nails, not all claws.

The sharpest cat claw in the world

If you already buy a cat clipper is better than using the human clipper to trim cat claws because the cat clipper is designed for animal claws like cat and dog claws shape. But if you did not buy yet for single use you can use it as a human clipper but it is not recommended. Better you use the special pet clipper there are already to pet shop you can buy it.

The trimming cat claw method with a human clipper is also the same as using the cat clipper. But it depends on effective and comfortable use by design. Human clippers wich designed for human nails that are suited for humans. Pet clipper is suited for pet claws so you have wise to use them.

If you want to take it to the veterinarian to trim its claws and to do it at home, this article is basic information for you that can guide you to do it by yourself at home. Here’s how to trim cats’ claws that you can follow step by step and make your cats safer.

Hold cat paw with your hand.

cat claws trimming
cat claws trimming

Hold it paw or fingers to make it easier cut its claws, use the thumb and index finger to press from under its fingers that make it nail to show up so that we can cut it easily.

Clipping Position

Make sure the claw is holding in the right position when it’s cut process. Clips its nails from the top (vertical). Do not from the side it can break the nails or bloody in cats.

Clip it just at the claw’s tips.

cat claw trim
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Just clip what we need. Clipping only the tips that look thin and sharp. Don’t clip on the claws with red color and don’t clip off the claws at the thumbs.

Clipping it one by one.

Clipping it claws one by one until finish it cleanly and careful.

Doing with carefully

Cats Claws clipping is related to its health, so you must be careful to do that if wrong when clipping it will bleed and make it hurt.


Train your cat early on to habit with clipping claws.

If you have a kitten, as soon as possible make it familiar with claws clipping. If the claws have been clips since it was kittens it will relax with. As usual, if an adult cat first time clipping claws it will uncomfortable.

Give breaks.

Special for cats unfamiliar with clipping claws give it a clipping break for a while. Cut it one nail or two in a day, the next day you can clip the other one give it to relax time.

Claws Clipping Period

We recommended two weeks once to your clip cat claws. Two weeks it has to be sharp if your cats still like to scratch things at your house you can give it stuff to scratch like board claws.

Watch cat trimming claw video


These things you can do at home easily if you have any problem with asking other people to help to hold your cat when its claws clips process. If any wrong happens, please take cats to the veterinarian immediately.

As explained that cat claws clipping is not to reduce cat capacity but to maintain its health purpose. Although cats are one of the clean animals, they can clean themselves is no guarantee from disease infect. So, Clipping its claws must be.