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How To Care Newborn Abandoned Kittens Without A Mother

How to care for abandoned kittens without a mother

Caring for a kitten with age beneath three weeks without a mother is quite more difficult than your things. Of course, you have to be extra in giving your caring to it. Abandoned Kittens are different treatments not like the cats as a baby they need more concern from us as an owner to give full love to them.

#Don’t be panic

Doing an act quickly when you find the abandoned kittens without mother time is crucial. Panic is never helped as soon as possible, they need to be treated quickly in that situation. Make a plan for the kittens for the next 24 hours of treatment. You just are thinking about short-term plans to care its. If any trouble condition on kittens better you should take it to a veterinarian.

newborn kitten care
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#Make a good and comfortable environment.

Make a good environment for kittens, and being comfortable is an important thing to growing kittens. You can begin by yourself as well as always wash your hands after and before keeping them.

It remembers the kittens free from dirt, bacteria, virus, and so on. There are important things that you should concern about in giving a good environment for kittens:

#Keep it warm at a comfortable temperature

Newborn cats have an uncertain body temperature, so that is sometimes cold and as usual. To warm themselves up, they take close to huge mothers.

However, it will be different if they are without a mother. That’s why you should make a comfortable temperature room for it.

You can hack it warm from a bottle containing hot water and covered it with a towel. Keep checking the warmth level of the bottle to keep it warm. You can also use special pet heating that is available in the pet shop.

# Set up a comfortable bed

Make a kitten bed so they can rest well and that it be calm. Use a box and a towel for a mattress and covered it. Put the bed in a comfortable room that is left from too cold or hot. Stimulate them to go to bed with comfortable, you can provide a towel so that makes them warm and feel relaxed.

# Spay around there are any male cats in the area

Don’t forget to look around and identify there is a free area for adult male cats. If you have a male cat do not allow the cat to come to close the kittens. As a Felidae family, the cat is killing newborn male kittens for the area free from another male cat in their territory. So make sure the area was sterilized from an adult male cat

#Hold the kitten with love.

hold kittens with love
hold kittens with love
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Kittens have vulnerable are not yet resilient enough from others you must be careful to keep them so that they don’t feel hurt.

#Feeding the kittens

Different from an adult cat that they can be eating by themselves the kittens need your help to chew and drink. In feeding abandoned it there are a few things you have to do as:

  • Give cat milk replacer as a substitute.

You can buy a cat milk replacer at the pet shop or amazon that has so many products, choose with the high rate. Don’t mix it with other types such as cow and goat milk in ingredients.

  • Provided special drink feeder for kittens

Feeding baby kittens is quite difficult than a cat as usual so we have some equipment for that. Newborn kittens can’t be eaten by themselves, so you must provide a bottle feeder for it. Filling up the bottle with milk and shaking it for a moment before starting feeding makes sure the kitten’s in good condition means not too cold or warm.

  • Give supplements and Feeding Scheduling.

Kittens often meowing that signed they’re hungry so better feeding it every two to three hours. Feeding regularly the kitten until it ages two weeks. When the feeding process doesn’t stop until it is full. While feeding it makes sure the kittens are in a comfortable position on every condition.


Kittens under the age of 9 weeks are not needed to be bathed. It just is wiping it with warm water using a soft towel that way to clean dirty parts at its body.

However, if it is possible to bathe using warm water to make the kitten not be cold when or after being a bath, you can do it for 2-3 days.


Vaccines are important to maintain the kitten’s health. You can consult with a veterinarian for that kind are its need. Vaccine purpose to prevent diseases during its infants until it is immature or adults. Kittens usually take over their parent’s illness.

Train the kittens.

kittens survive
kittens survive.
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Train the kittens to survive in their environments. Cats are essentially loyal and conforming animals, so you can train them with many things. There are some basic you can train your kitten to stay survive when it grows an adult, such as:

  • Train eat and drink by itself

Training your kittens to survive by eating and drinking by themselves, you can do that by putting a cat feeding bottle in its mouth then letting it lick the milk until it runs out. Then give chew food to kittens if they can be moving actively.

  • Energetic Moving Training

The newborn kitten is weak and can’t be moving actively as well. If you don’t train them to move they’re lazy to do that. So, we recommend training them by giving them a cat toy like a ball that can be a driven bait for kittens to move.

litter box cat
litter box cat
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Provide the litter box for urinating. It aims they don’t do it in anywhere and make your house in trouble with cats feces if you don’t it becomes kittens habitual. Filling the litter box with sands cat will love.

If the kitten is sick

sick kitten
sick kitten illustration
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Kittens are too vulnerable to effect by a disease that leads to death. If you detected any wrong signs or kitten is a sick condition, immediately take it to the veterinarian for treatment for the healing it’s from any suffered. It wouldn’t easy to treat a kitten without a mother.

There is a guide that you have to know for the best take action if you find abandoned kittens without mother in your around. be touch your heart then leave them alone makes them a gift for you and give your right hand to help each other even if they’re an animal.

Sometimes we believe through helping others we are getting some reward from God that is more true and happier in life.

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