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Lone Wolf No More: Rhode Island Wolf Dog Finds Forever Home

Zeus, a wolf-dog hybrid, has found a forever home after being adopted by Ron, a resident of Vermont. The Potter League for Animals in Middletown, Rhode Island shared a video on Facebook of Zeus leaving the shelter with his new owner.

They had previously confirmed that Zeus was 1/3 wolf according to the previous owner and breeder.

The shelter had put out a call for qualified adopters on January 6th, and Zeus had captured the hearts of many with his affectionate and silly nature.

His movements were described as mesmerizing and he was said to be “wonderfully magical” to watch as he walked. Ron is one of the few local states that allow hybrid animals to be privately owned.

Unfortunately, Zeus is illegal to own privately in Rhode Island and the surrounding states. Additionally, Zeus has a medical condition that requires medication to manage seizures. He has lived with other dogs, cats, and kids and most of his life has been that of an indoor dog which makes sanctuary placement unsuitable.

The Potter League is looking for qualified adopters in states that allow hybrid animals to be privately owned. Vermont and New Jersey are the closest states, but they are open to other states further away as well.

The Potter League is currently reviewing many applications received and will be determining the best match for Zeus going forward. They are also in the process of DNA testing, but they have confirmation from the previous owner and the breeder that Zeus is indeed 1/3 wolf. If you or anyone you know can help, please contact the Potter League for Animals at 401-846-8276.