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Most Popular Russian Cat Breed Base On Cat Lover Adopt Rank In Russia

Top 20 Countries with Higher Cat Population in 2021

In 2021, statistics show the USA is the country with the most higher cat population in the world it’s the first rank on the report. The USA cat population reaches 74,059,000. Followings by the higher human population country in the world China, China's cat population reaches 53,100,000. The third position is the country with the Russian cat breed is blue cat originated country is Russia, Russian cat population reaches 17,800,000.

Here is the table of which top 20 countries have higher cat populations in 2021.

TOP 20 CAT POPULATIONS 2021Cat Population Count
South Africa2,000,000
Czech Republic1,750,000

We talk about the most popular cat that originated in Russia. Russia is the country with a higher rank of cat owners in 2017. Statista reports Russia reaches 59% of cat owners followed by the USA at 43%, and Argentina at 41%. That proves Russian is the most cat owner live there.

Looks at the countries with the higher number of cat owners in 2017:

The highest rank cat owner country

The Most Popular Cat In Russia

Russia is a country with higher cat lovers living there so the most popular Russian cat breeds from Russia are the most wanted by cat lovers entire the world. Even cat lovers from here in the US. the most popular Russian cat breed name is the Russian blues cat. However, in this article, we will review the best cat breed from Russia where most cat lovers in Russia make them as favorite pets.

Here are the top 10 best Russian cat breeds:

# 1 Russian Blue Cat

Russian Blues Cat

The Russian blue cat or also known as Russian Blues is the most common cat breed around the world it names too popular among cat lovers. The legend or history is known first Russian blue bring cat by a British sailor from the Archangel Isles a port in the northern city of Russia to Britain.

Russian blue cats are genius animals and need mental and physical exercise. The cat needs wide room space and free access to a toy is an important thing. They have highly skilled hunting instincts, so, the fishing pole toy is perfect for them or some toy with requires a move like real prey for the cat.

# 2 Donskoy Sphynx Cat

Donskoy Sphynx

Begins in Rostov-on-Don a city in southern Russia, It is the history of the hairless cat from Russia. In February 1986 Elena Kovaleva has rescued a kitten from the street that was harmed by views kids. Elena decided to bring the kitten to her home. She found the kitten was bald with no hair on its body even though the kitten was raised to adult.

He is curious about the cat, and she brings it to the vet but the veterinarian said its nothing wrong with the cat’s health it is weird after months the cat gave birth to kittens, all kittens she found had some genetic as its mother hairless kittens. So, for the First time, Elena Koleva named the kitten Donskoy Sphynx.

Cats Fighting video:

# 3 Peterbald Sphynx Cat

Peterbald Sphynx

Peterbald Sphynx cat’s original name is Petersburg Sphynx the name embedded in Saint Petersburg city, a port city on the Baltic Sea in Russia. The cat breeding by experimental cat breed by Olga S. Mironova in 1994.

The Peterbald Show was the first nominated championship cat competition in 2009. The cat resembles short hair or hairless gene like their ancient parent Donskoy Sphynx. However, the cat’s body shape resembles the Siamese cat.

# 4 Mekong Bobtail Cat

Mekong bobtail

The Mekong Bobtail is the First generation of Siamese cats, It is the ancestor of all following Siamese cats. In 1884 Mekong Bobtail Cat was transported to Europe from Siam or Thailand. The Mekong bobtail cat came to America in 1890 and spread out to Russia early 20th Century.

Although, In December 1994 O. Mironova who is most known she is a cat lover from St. Petersburg suggested being certified for the first time for the standard Mekong Bobtail cat breed to the world cat lover.

# 5 The Nevskaya Maskaradnaya

Nevskaya Maskaradnaya

The Nevskaya Maskaradnaya is a bright blue eyes cat with a long-haired spotted colorpoint, overview looks almost Close to the ragdoll cat but it is a bit small size than the ragdoll it’s a face like using a mask this cat is ragdoll Siberian species.

# 6 Siberian Cat

Siberian cat

The Siberian cat is included in the most popular cat in the world list, The cat was found in the 16th Century in that period the cat was called Bukharskie the named probably the history of the First Time they arrive in Russia in the huge commercial town Bukhara, Uzbekistan.

In the modern period, they can be found all around Russia but their origin came from Siberia. so, they called Siberia cat to refer to where they are coming from. As a cat living in an extremely cold and snowy area, The Siberian cat has thick and long hair with a bulky undercoat.

# 7 The Kurilian Bobtail

Kurilian bobtail cat

The wild Japanese-origin cats were attempted to domesticate by japan cat lovers the experiment failed, and the Kurilian cat was run back into the Wilde. The Kurilian Bobtail has regained its wild gene in cats. But in the modern period, the cat expert believed their origin is Russia.

Like wild cats, they have a sharp claw-like hook to catch fish, climb trees,s and catch small mammals. Kurilian is not afraid to water.

# 8 The Karelian Bobtail Cat

Karelian bobtail cat

The Karelian Bobtail cat is a rare cat where they are first found in 1994. This cat is too easy to adopt as a pet, Karelian cat is a friendly cat with and playful instinct but sometimes a little bit quiet and not demanding attention, This cat spends much time around the owner and is most adopted by cat lovers around the world.

# 9 Ussuri Cat

Ussuri cat

The Ussuri origin is unknown as sure where it came from it is a very rare cat. Some cat experts believe they are from domestic cats that are bred with Wilde cats in the delta Amur River in Russia, Ussuri cat breeds are a little bit like look Wilde cats as its look.

They tend to be more active with strong prey hunting with athlete posture. They have a strong bond with their family member and a bit not quite walk around or bring outdoors.

# 10 Neva Masquerade Cat

Neva Masquerade Cat

The Neva Masquerade Is a Siberian cat from Russia with more long hair than the original Siberian cat. Its size grows bigger than the Siberian cat as usual. It is typically friendly and needs more attention with vocal, active, and needs mats for play or sleep rest area.

# 11 Toybob Cat

Toyboy cat

In late 1980, the Toybob cat was First found in Russia that was an accident genetic experiment with short body size, with kinky hair that mixed breed with a bobtail cat. Toyboy results from an unusually short tail cat even small in size than other cats it has a good personality kind, playful, responsible an agile cat. If you want to adopt a cat with a small size and more active instinct toyboy is perfect for you.

There is 11 Russian cat breed that they were originated and most pet lovers in Russia make them their favorite pet.

Domestic cats fighting video: