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Why Do Cats Bring Gifts "Dead Animal" To Their Owner

Why Do Cats Bring Gifts To Their Owner


Why do cats bring a gift usually to show the prey to you? Are you know why cats bring gifts to their owner or you have seen your cat bring a dead animal into your home?

If you have found your cat bring the animal to you as its owner, which indicated your cat pet is a real hunter in the wild even if there was born in a captive as a domestic animal as well as a pet.

Here is the reason why a cat brings “Dead Animal” as a gift:


Cat is the real hunter in the wild.

Why Do Cats Bring Gifts to Their Owners7
Why Do Cats Bring Gifts to Their Owners?

If you remember what is the domestic cat cousin in the wild? the close cousin of the is the wild cat and the big cat that they are living with intensively hunter entire they are life.

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So, like a domestic cat, it still has related to wild cat the wild instinct is never gone from them even if the cat pet is born and live with a human.

The domestic cat lived and become a pet thousands of years ago, their instinct to hunt is still aggressive even looking cute and turning to calm but if a small animal moves around the cat their hunting instinct always appears.

So, hunting and exercising when cats were kittens old is often their behavior.

#Cats Bring Gifts Dead Animal To Their Owner

Why does the cat bring you dead prey?

Why Do Cats Bring Gifts To Their Owner
Why Do Cats Bring Gifts To Their Owner

The prey sometimes is alive usually the cat doesn’t eat what they’re bringing home. the cat pet knows they do not need to hunt for a meal so, what is the cat still hunting prey to bring home?

The gift is usually brought home like a small animal as well as a rat, mouse, squirrel and lizard, insect, and bird.

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Watch the cat bring a gift to their owner video:

# Show how to hunt for members of the family

Why Do Cats Bring Gifts To Their Owner
Why Do Cats Bring Gifts To Their Owner

The fact is their hunt just to show you as their owner they have the skill to hunt and how to hunt prey. The cat also wants to show their kitten how to hunt prey and how to get meals in the wild to survive in the lack of food area.

# To show their kittens how to survive in the wild

Why Do Cats Bring Gifts To Their Owner
Why Do Cats Bring Gifts To Their Owner

This is the mother’s cat instinct to show lessen learn for their kitten how to survive in the wild with rare food.

# How to hunting skill

Why Do Cats Bring Gifts To Their Owner
Why Do Cats Bring Gifts To Their Owner

The cat brings a gift home also to share the food with its family member. As you know you have given your cat food but it is still looking for an animal to bring home it is not indicated the cat is hungry it is just for cat fun or to show its hunting skill.

# Just for fun to play with its prey

So, your cat sometimes brings dead or live animals just for fun and to play with it.

The cat is a playful animal. So, when some things move around usually they are always trying to catch it. As the hunter animal cat always wants to catch small things and move like a ball ar small animal. To distract the cat from hunting outdoors keep your always indoors and give them cat stick play or a ball that can distract your cat from hunting outdoors.


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Why Do Cats Bring Gifts To Their Owner
Why Do Cats Bring Gifts To Their Owner

Cat Brings a gift to the owner images.

Watch Cat eats fresh meat video:


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Why Do Cats Bring Gifts To Their Owner
Why Do Cats Bring Gifts To Their Owner

In many cases, even if you give your cat many with different toys even their cats live around and lie on a lot of toys. The cat has curious behavior the cat still looking for something new like real prey to hunt. So, a cat usually brings the live mice to the kitchen table

The reasons a cat gifting or collects prey, here are the additional reason the cat behavior about why do cats bring gifts to their owner:

  • A cat may just react to an inherent hunt instinct. Since a cat is born a hunter, cats turn to act on their natural skill to hunt, kill, and, bring their prey into a safe place. If this happened the indoor cat pet will play with the prey before Kipling the prey.
  • Some people believe cats bring a gift to the owner for honorable and high appreciated like thankful for the owner so that way a cat shows how it loves and cares for you.
  • Others believe that cats look at you as a weak or poor hunter skill that you can’t provide real prey for yourself so that reason cats bring gifts “mice” to show you how to get real food and how to hunt.
  • Alike, some believe that many female cats bring more gifts than male cats that sign the female cat is a teacher for their kitten and a lesson learned for its kittens on how to survive in the Wilde with a lack of food and only hunting skill make them survive in the hard condition.
  • The cat brings gifts to invite us to join and play together and find something new around the house not only play with modern toys but the real toy is the real mice.
  • Lastly, a cat brings a gift to the owner to say thank you for providing food and shelter.

What to do when your cat brings you a gift?

Why Do Cats Bring Gifts To Their Owner
Why Do Cats Bring Gifts To Their Owner

You have known the reason why cats bring gifts to their owner this section is explaining what to do if your cat brings dead animals like mice, lizards, snakes, or something that will make your house smells into the house.  Knowing that your cat needs to prove that they’re a hunter animal, although makes it uncomfortable for you when a cat brings a dead animal to your bed or buries it under your desk.

Pregnant cat-eating fish video:

The cat just shows the surprise about its hard work to you, what do you have to do?

Why Do Cats Bring Gifts To Their Owner
Why Do Cats Bring Gifts To Their Owner
  1. Keep calm and take the dead animal to bring it outside or in your backyard to bury it. Make sure you wear gloves to grab dead mice with your hand and clean up the floor to eliminate the bad smell. Don’t let your cat play with the dead mice and spread the mice’s blood around the floor.
  2. Give a toy that is like a live animal to distract your cat’s focus and it will play with the toy.
  3. Don’t punish your cat, as mentioned above the cat is a natural hunting animal playing with a live animal is how their life and learn to survive in the wild which is lack of food that situation may happen somedays the cat is already to face.
  4. Always make sure your cat is indoors, don’t let them go outdoors if you want your cat still clean. As we know if cat plays outdoors they will find something interesting and will bring home as a gift.


Cat Plays Crab As A Toy Video: 


So. That is all we share about the reason why cats bring gifts to their owner. Whatever a cat brings to us just accept it and give thank you for them as Gide back the food to tied high and closer relationship with your cat pet.

Cat behavior was learned by humans for a long time and sometimes still any interesting have not yet been identified by us. Cat behavior although they were living beside the human for thousands of years still many mysteries hide on the cat to find.

Still Control their Health and bring it regularly Health check-ups and vaccines to the vet. Make sure don’t get your cat in trouble always love them and give them space like living in the wild.