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The Most Popular Cats Breed From Asian Originated

There are many cat breeds coming from Asia In fact, some of the most beautiful and popular cats first grew up there. In general, Asian cat breeds share a number of characteristics that make them different from cats from around the world.

Here Is The Most Popular Cats Breed From Asian Originated:

# Shorthair Oriental Cat

Shorthair’s Oriental cat is closely related to Siamese, and it comes from Thailand. However, the breed was actually cultivated in the United States.

The cat with this sleek feature looks very outer appealing with its large ears. His silhouette and figure remind us of modern Siamese cats. The Oriental Shorthair is a very loving and clean cat, perfect for a soft life in an apartment. This beautiful breed comes in a variety of colors, patterns, and face masks.

# Dragon Li Cat

Dragon Li Cat, also known as Chinese Li Hua, is a breed cat from China who arrives into the world of a pet that was recent, in 2003. It is believed that this domestic breed descended from a breed of wild cats, the Chinese cat Mountain.

This Asian cat is growing very muscular and medium-sized. Dragon Li Cats usually come in shades of olives and have a distinctive dark striped coat of Tabby cats. The oval eyes are green or yellow.

This is a very intelligent cat who gets on well with other pets, but not too dear. Dragon Li is very active, so it takes space. This is not a pet recommended for a very young child.

# Japanese Bobtail Cats

manx cat personality
bobtail cat

Japan’s Bobtail cat is a breed of Japanese with a remarkable history: The legend has it that the cat arrives from the Kuril Islands to the Japanese coast by boat, a thousand years ago. In 1602 it was forbidden for anyone to buy, sell or save a cat from any breed in their home. All cats need to be unleashed into the streets of Japan to kill the outbreak of rats that destroyed rice harvesting and silk factories.

The Stand-Out feature of this Asian cat is a short and twisted tail. It is a medium-sized cat with a triangular face and pierced ears. It is a muscular cat, with its hind legs longer than the front. This is an active cat that becomes active just before dawn, like a gangster.

Japan Bobtails Meow A lot, so if you decide to adopt one you should make sure you see our tips to stop the cats from meowing all the time.

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