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A Kitten With A Unusual Condition Finally Can Run Like Any Other Kitten

A kitten with a rare condition is so happy when it can finally run as freely as any other kitten.

A good Samaritan found a little wandering out, struggling to walk. The front legs were fully distributed on the sides. Despite this, he tried to move with all his might and refused to show any weakness.

Love Your Feral Felines, a full volunteer rescuer based in North San Deigo County, California, has been contacted for the kitten. “He couldn’t use his front paws at all. Our manager took her to the vet to start treatment,” Heather Thomas, a family rescue volunteer, told Love Meow.

The kitten has been diagnosed with a rare developmental abnormality called swimmer syndrome. Because he was still very young and flexible, his prognosis was good.

They named her Melody after a character (daughter of Ariel) of The Little Mermaid II. “It’s a nod to the swimmer’s syndrome without being all about it.”

To help redevelop his legs and restore his ability to walk, the kitten wore two bandages that wrapped around his front paws and were connected in the middle.

As soon as she got back on her feet, she left, exploring and even increasing speed.

The melody is very brave and exuberant. Within a few weeks, he made great strides. “His left leg seems to be completely healed. His right leg looks deformed. But it doesn’t slow her down at all,” Heather said.

“His foot sits on the side. It looks like he’s posing, so it’s called his “fantasy foot.”

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