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Here's The Reason Why Cat Love To Massaging Behaviors

Here’s why cats like massaging

Why Cat Love To Massaging Behaviors? Having a talented massaging cat definitely made us happy. While sitting rest or on a beloved cat often comes to us and starts massaging with two of her paw.

Their hand movements are constant and steady, tired slowly become relaxed. It seems they also enjoy the profession as a massager with the payment of tuna or chicken. Did you know what makes the cat-like massaging its owner or another cat?

Cat behaviors researcher said the massaging for cats is an instinct it did since they were still breastfed on it mom. If the massaging is observed it is the same as the movement when they do a massage stimulation to launch the mains milk flow.

Cats that are separated from their moms since the stage breastfeed will be more frequent massage than the cat that is wrapped when it is big. They do that because it is not satisfied to breastfeed its mom, so that behavior continues to be carried until they are grown, even often coupled with the show in clothes or pillows.

In other senior cats, massaging is done because of their instinct to make a comfortable bed. Just like when their ancestors set grass or dried leaves to sleep in the wild.

Cats that are pregnant and want to give birth will also do a massage ritual on the cloth or pillow so that the bedding is more comfortable to wear.

For cats, Another benefit of this massaging behavior is to give marking on objects that are recognized as their properties. In the cat’s paws, there is a smelling gland, while massaging the scent out and sticking to the massaged surface.

So, when the cat massaged us it meant he was marking our bodies as ‘ hers ‘. This massage is the same as when the cat is trying to root or scratching on certain items or areas. He gave a sign that he was his territory, and another cat would recognize it.

If the cat’s massage feels painful or even hurt because of its claws? Wear a thick shirt or add a cloth as a massage mat.

The cat massaging will not be until many hours, if she is tired and satisfied he will stop and usually immediately fall asleep.

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massaging cats
massaging cats