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How To Know Cats Body Language That Make You Easy Communicate With Them 2

#Through their tails.

Cattails are the best indicator for us to be able to understand their feelings. The tail is the easiest sign for us to know the intent and purpose.

The tails are vertical.

It usually means that our cats are feeling relaxed and excited about surrounding it.

The tail is vertical with a bouncy tip.

This means that the cat mark is still in a delight but remains wary of the surrounding situation. It’s possible that just then there were other people or animals that came and attracted their attention so they were a bit wary of the surrounding conditions.

Tails enter between the legs and feathers that inflate.

In this case, indicates our cat is experiencing the name of fear. Our cat will do this if he feels scared about something or is surprised at something around him can be because of people around him or the existence of other cats around him that makes him afraid.

The tail ends are twitching slowly.

Usually, this behavior is a sign that the cat’s concentration is full of something that he noticed. They may be noticing distant objects and are trying to figure out what the object is.

The tail end moves faster.

This could be a sign he did feel annoyed with the objects he was looking at earlier. For instance, the object turns out to be another new cat that makes them disturbed.

Vertical tails and feathers inflate.

This means your cat is angry and the condition is ready to attack because the cat is noticed or the object is bigger than the cat. It’s used as to warning for that object or another cat and tells them to withdraw from them.

Tails are swinging from one side to the other irregular.

This is a sign that our cats are preparing to take action, whether they are angry or amazed by the objects they see and pay attention to.

Tails swinging right or left irregular.

This is the mark of our cats being comfortable with objects of something or with the conditions around them, could be a human or another cat. They are comfortable so they do that.

#Through the cat’s body movement.

Lying in a circular position.

This indicates a passive condition that does not attract their attention. It means another object whether it’s another cat or human does not attract its attention.

Put their tails to our bodies.

It is an indication that he wants our attention and usually, they do this because our cats are comfortable and already believe right with us, this sign is a friendly sign and our cat is ready to play with us.