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Feeding Eggs To A Cat Over Years It's OK For My Cats

Is Ok Feeding Egg to A Cat? I Proved The Answer!

Hello Cat lovers!

Is it OK to feeding egg to a cat? sometimes I was asked about that and I searching on the internet I found some suggestions that don’t give raw eggs to your cat that could be a negative effect on your cat’s health. I don’t just believe it before I find own proven.

The given some prove the egg’s protein known avidin could bend B7 vitamin or known protein biotin in a cat so that the material unable absorb in your cat stomach. So for overtime can cause vitamins deficiency in your cat.

Even they suggest the meat or fish to cooking it’s before feeding to a cat. Cook food before feeding to a cat is maybe to avoid the cat from spew the food. That makes sense for a cat as a pet so that they swallow all the food what you give to them. That contrary to a natural carnivore like a cat family as they need to spew some food if their body doesn’t need.

Do Cat Eating Raw Eggs or Raw Meat?

The cats when you feeding them with raw egg or meat usually after eating they looking some grass and eating it to spew hairball or the material doesn’t need in their body. That I think is good for cat healthy they need at least a week once to spew the hairball in their stomach.

Hairball produced when the cat licking itself so that hair swallowed and accumulated. So that they need to spew out the ball with eating grass or raw material like an egg and meat.

Feeding Eggs To A Cat
Cat eating egg

For the reason, they suggest cooking the eggs before you feed to your cat.

I will explain my own experience over the years feeding the cat with raw eggs. My cat until now is to get healthy without any problem even it now to be a senior cat I guess it was 4 years old.

Suggest about feeding raw egg to a cat.

In my opinion based on experience. Actually, the cat in the wild is a raw meat eater. They never cooking meat for meals. So that the cat abdomen is designed to absorb raw meat also and raw eggs. They haven’t any problem with carnivore food list.

The opinion I was feeding my cat with regularly a week one egg for my cats. They love too much eating raw eggs. Raw eggs with biotin protein contained that trigger the hair grow ell for a cat and looks shiny and bushy. If you are feeding regularly at least once a week that perfect to make the cat hair looks clean and healthy.

When I feeding the cat, I giving just yolk to avoid the cat from diarrhea. I just wasted the egg white sometimes I forget to waste the eggwhite and my cat just eating the eggs a view minute later I saw my cat waste is washy in the litter box. So that I have a prove the eggwhite quite not healthy for a cat.

Mine just suggest feeding the cat with a yolk avoid the eggwhite except you doing some experiment.

Watch the video when I feed egg to a cat.