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Hermit Crab Shells and It Facts Actually They Are Different Each Other

Hermit Crab Shells

hermit crab shells
Hermit Crab Shells
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Hermit crabs are decapod crustaceans of the superfamily Paguroidea. They are having crab within unique behavior especially on uses shells. In fact, Hermit crab shells are portable shell they have substituted with other hermit crabs to change their shell.

What happens when the one hermit crab was grown and their shell too small they usually find other shells from environment resources like a dead sea snail shell. The shells they reusing empty abandoned shells it must fight with another hermit crab to wrest A better shell, watch this video how they did it.

Hermit crab Footage:



Hermit crab has 1.110 species. All of them carry out the shell from dead sea snails or other things that can cover their soft abdomen. Although we often found their life on land or solid ground, the hermit crab can’t far from the humidity area because they need water.

The hermit crab looks like have their own shells but that actually borrowed from others. For more information may we don’t know about hermit crab here some hermit crab facts that can valuable information to us?

  • Hermit crab can live for 15 – 20 years and some hermit crab can reach 12 – 70 years depending on their species like Coenobita brevimanus.


  • Hermit crabs using other snail shells to cover their soft abdomen. They usually using sea snail shell suit for its strong enough to cover hermit crab.


  • All hermit crab when it wants to mate they must be to on underwater on the sea.


  • Male hermit crab when they want a good shell they must be a steal from another hermit crab to get a better shell that needs more energy to fight each other. Who wins it deserves to get a better shell.


  • Hermit crab has 10 legs within 2 large claws that left claw is large then right for defending function, weapon fight other and for tear food.


  • Hermit crab has a soft abdomen that asymmetrical.


  • Female Hermit crab usually carried 200 eggs on its abdomen until hatch. The larvae after hatch they float on sea surface that on a week age than transform on several stages before to be a young hermit crab. The young hermit crab has to find the suit shell before leave underwater and begin to a new life in the ground on the beach.


  • Hermit crab has two eyes that appear on top like the shrimp eye and has two stalks as an antenna for sensory organs.


  • Marine hermit crab and Land hermit crab use gills for breathing. Although both hermit crab almost similar species they are different on survive the land hermit crab that can survive on land but need humidity condition. Land hermit crab can’t breathe underwater even though breath gills.


  • Hermit crab is the nocturnal animal they searching for food at night although we can find them on the day they are more active at night.


  • The hermit crab usual finds on solitary animals in facts they are living with a large colony that reaches about 100 animals.


  • Hermit crab is omnivore animals they eat almost all things such as fish vegetables and all sea animal stuff can be their diet.


  • Like an insect hermit crab also have molt the adult hermit crab they molt every 18 mounts the young hermit crab molting a month once.


  • Hermit crab growing from one shell to another shell they find out shell depends on their body size.
hermit crab facts
hermit crab facts
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We believe that is a lot of things about hermit crab facts may we haven’t yet information. But, at least we have some valuable information about hermit crab where we know and have a little bit of change perspective about a hermit crab, particularly about their facts.

Watch Hermit Crab Video

Hermit Crab Pet

Many people make hermit crab as a pet because the hermit crab can be living in captivity. They are so easy to taking care of in captivity they are omnivore animals that so easy to feed hermit crab diet are all sea animals like fish and also a vegetable that why to make hermit crab as a pet is so cute.
We can create a tiny environment for a hermit crab-like aquarium and soil with balance temperature that needed for hermit crab the hermit crab needs humidity air on an aquarium.


Never Buy Hermit Crab

when we came to store that selling hermit crab then decided to buy one for a pet after bringing on the home they actually never grow even you give more food for it. In fact, the hermit crab growing for years that why for a pet they absolutely not suit live at home.

Captive hermit crab
Captive hermit crab cage

Hermit crab shells need from another snail usual pet store sell plastic shell for them that may harmful for it. On store, usually, hermit crab was coloring for interest purpose

In many countries, hermit crabs sold for profit they are taken from the wild lives bring into small home-like aquarium captivity. That maybe harm indication for a hermit crab.

Even you provide enough food in real-life they need saltwater and enough humidity air for life. Hermit crab needs watering sometimes. They go underwater for watering and move to the ground for colony on captivity they did not have that.

Hermit Crab video:

7 reasons why never buy hermit crab as a pet:

  • Hermit crab reusing another sea snail shells to cover soft abdomen from water and predator. Snail shells can anti or can be toxic protect for their life.


  • When hermit crab was a pet they did not get a perfect shell. Usually hermit crab on store change nature shell with a plastic shell that makes it easier to fell ill and died. So. That why wild hermit crab reusing snail shells to cover their soft organs don’t use their life for profit.
hermit crab care
Hermit crab with plastic shell
  • Hermit crab is colony animals, they need a friend and lives by day within hundreds climb, sleep and looking food together. So, don’t take their happy life for just funny.


  • Usually, hermit crabs were sold in pet stores they are taken by nature life or wild habitat. Hermit crabs rarely breed in captivity.


  • Hermit crab lives reach 15-72 years in wild habitats. But as a pet, after you purchase they may, can live about months.


  • If you buy hermit crab you support reducing exotic animals in the wild habitat. That can be reduced by about 30 % crab on their habitat. Because of intent the demand that can trigger the hermit crab exploitation.


  • In captivity or as pet hermit crab can die slowly because they need more humidity environment. All hermit crab breathes with gills that why humidity air is important for it. In real when we see them like normally on shelter actually they were dying then will dead view days.


  • Hermit crab has a molting process when the body grows up. They need a large and special space for it like deep dump sand to order molt skin. So, when they did not have an appropriate place may they can’t be a molting process that makes them dying and dead.


  • As pet even we provide a place like real their habitat. That not enough may we just provide 30% for it like a real habitat that not enough yet.

Hermit Crab Video:

How can you help hermit crabs?

If you have hermit crab as a pet just release them into their habitat and never buy hermit crab they do not pet animal and can’t live in a small place even a shelter or cage.

Buy hermit crab to put them in the small shelters even if we love them like a child. There are not enough to give them happier like in their habitat. So, never buy a hermit crab to be a pet.

If you have a crab from captive ask a veterinarian guide to take care of them. Don’t release captive hermit crab into the wild because captive hermit crab can’t survive in wild.