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Guide To Taking Care Of Newborn 4 Weeks Kittens Without A Mother Step by Step

Guide To Taking Care Of Newborn 4 Weeks Kittens

Hi cats lovers, if you have kittens, is a very exciting moment there are so happier to see the baby’s kittens are cute and funny.  Meanwhile, the owner has to know how to care for the kittens due to their treatment is different from taking care of adult cats. Here are the tips for taking Care Of Newborn 4 Weeks Kittens

kitten without mother

Kittens 1 to 3 months old is a crucial age where kittens started growing and their lives are dependent on their mother so you actually don’t need to intervene just monitoring them goes on.

Especially if the mother cat has gone off course you should give extra time to them because they can’t able to feed themselves and can’t do anything you should be like a mother cat and takes care to feed, clean, to teach them to urinate.

# Cat Giving Six Kittens Video:

# Keep the room still at a comfortable temperature

When you prepare a shelter for kittens keep the temperature at a warm or comfortable temperature because the baby cats are still vulnerable to the temperature that is too cold or too hot.

Install a warmer lamp if the temperature going low or moved to a warm room that is a comfortable temperature.

# Clean up the placenta in the mother cat

Although the mother cat was able to give birth and clean his body by itself sometimes there is still a placenta that is left on the kitten’s body makes the mother cat does not want to close the baby. You can help clean it by cutting out the placenta so that the kittens are clean which helps the mother cat to breastfeed as soon as possible.

# Put the kittens with their mother don’t separate them

Give time to the mother cat to feeding, cleaning, and gave them warmth. In addition, put them in a wider shelter so that the mother cat could freely move while keeping the kittens.

# Never touch the kittens on 1 week old

Recommend never holding the kittens while taking care of newborn 4 weeks kittens because usually, the mother cat would be upset. You can be holding them when reaching 2 to 7 weeks old so the kittens are comfortable being touched by humans.

There are exceptions for the cat if they are familiar with the human smell. Better to let the smell we’re attached to the kittens that also prevents the mother cat does not move the kitten to another place due to the uncomfortable smell.

# Make sure the kittens are feed breast by their mother

Feeding breast is an important thing because of the kittens when newborns only consume milk. the mother cat gave birth to produce milk containing colostrum is very good for kittens’ immune it contains proteins, antibodies, vitamin D, and vitamin A so the kittens have immunity well. So, if you take care of baby cats without a mother you have to provide fresh milk.

# Monitoring kittens’ urinating and poo

newborn kittens’ are not smooth enough to urinate and poo so they must be stimulated. Usual Mother cats do so by licking off. But when the kitten is not accompanied by its mother you can help to wipe that with a towel or wet wipes on its butt that helps to give you comfort in the fact the cat is an animal that loves to clean.

# Daily measure the kittens’ weight for the first 2 months

This is for monitoring the increase or decrease the weight to excessive. Normally the kitten’s weight gain for 10 grams per day more than 10 grams was the baby cat was overweight or less than 10 grams is weight loss. if less than 10 grams, it should make sure our feeding process is normal or not by the mother cat. If the kittens are still weight loss give them nutrition to increase appetite.

Mother cat giving three kittens video:

# Make sure the kittens got enough milk to feed the breast

Whether the milk from the mother cat, from another cat, or substitute milk that you can buy at the pet shop. Give low lactose milk 7 times a day 2-4 ml in the first week then 6 times a day for 5-10 ml in the second week.

# Clean the eyes kittens’ routine

When the kittens’ eyes are already open at 2 weeks old clean their eyes routine every day you can use warm water or wet tissue.

# Keep kitten's shelter hygiene

Shelter hygiene is an important thing to avoid disease bacteria. You should use underpads as the mattress of the shelter so the kittens make sure always dry because the newborn kittens pee in the shelter.

# Never use the cream kittens on those aged up to 3 weeks

At the 3 weeks old, the kittens had begun teething and doing some things like licking their bodies and peeing in the sand. Never use any cream on their body to avoid they could be poisoning while licking her body.

# Provide additional milk

When the baby kittens are getting grown their nutrition needs more while the mother cat milk has reduced so you can give it an extra 5 times a day 10-15 ml each time.

# Never provide cow milk to Kittens

Always give special milk for baby cats that are purchased at a pet cat to kittens don’t give their cow’s milk that is not suitable for cat and it is difficult to digest so which make kittens sick.

# Never take bath kittens up to 9 weeks old

Although clean kittens should be kept for health reasons and to avoid illness never take bath kittens until 9 weeks old. Bathe at 9 weeks old can miss their original smell that can be ignored by the mother cat.

# Always give extra food

Kittens at 4 weeks are getting grow and more active they had to claim everything so that feed needs more.

# Advice kittens to urinate and poop in a litter box

Really sucks to see if the cat poop there is everywhere in your house. So, that never really happens you should begin to advise to guide the kittens for urinating in the litter box like the senior cats.

Putting kittens in the tub containing sand after it eating wait until finish the pup and clean it up then move out kittens from the tub.

# If you detect any health problem contact the veterinarian immediately

Kittens’ vulnerability culminates in death if not treated immediately when you see something health disorders in the kittens immediately contact your veterinarian for health care.

# Keep the kittens safe from child

Kittens under 6 weeks old should avoid a child because they are still very sensitive. A child usually can’t control handling which makes the baby cat injured. Moreover, there is some child who likes to throw a baby cat.

# Keep the mother cat's healthy performance

Mother cat health also must be healthy because the mother has to restore herself after breeding and breastfeeding. Don’t let the mother cat's infectious disease-stricken at the kittens makes she could not breastfeed properly.

# Routine Checkup of the cats with the veterinarian

Should periodically control kittens to the vet for vaccine or health checkups. So, that kittens are protected from various diseases and virus infections can be immediate handling for a serious health problem.

By following the guide above will your kittens grow well, healthy even if without a mother cat. You can take care of the baby kittens by yourself and consult the vet or the owner of a cat that has been experienced in taking care of kittens so that your additional references.