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Himalayan Cat-Quick Information

Himalayan Cat-Quick Information and Description

himalayan image
Himalayan image

Himalayan cat-Quick Information and Description
Eye colorBlue
Coat typeLong, thick, shiny, flowing, fine-textured
ColorChocolate, lilac, red, blue, seal, cream tortie, lilac lynx, chocolate lynx
PatternColorpoint, tabby, tortoiseshell, lynx
Body TypeMedium
Physical AppearanceLarge, round head with a flat or smashed face (doll-like or peke-like); large, round, widely set eyes; small, low set ears, rounded at the tip; heavily boned; short, thick neck; thick legs; short, thick tail well-proportioned tail
Average lifespan/Life expectation9 - 15 years
Weight ( Size)7 - 12 pounds
Behavioral CharacteristicsFriendly, sweet, affectionate, intelligent
Lap CatYes
Shedding ( Do they shed)Minimal
Good with ChildrenYes
CountryOriginally from U.SA, U.K
Competitive Registration/ QualificationCFA, TICA, ACFA/CAA, AACE, CCA-AFC