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15 Most Beautiful Bird of Paradise in The World

15 Most Beautiful Birds of Paradise

Bird of paradise is a very common term used to refer to the collection of tropical bird species which were endemic to the east of Australia, the eastern of Indonesia, and Papua New Guinea. They are characteristic of the most beautiful plumage as well as incredible courtship rituals that are used to attract their mates. You can check 15 birds of paradise in the world below.

# The Greater Bird of Paradise

Although its appearance looks like a lesser bird, however, this bird comes from different species. This is the largest bird of parades that still exists today. The males have a green face and yellowish silver crown along with maroon plumage on his body. Then the females have maroon colors and are smaller than the males as well.

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# The Lesser Bird of Paradise


This lesser bird comes from the native of the northern New Guinea forest and nearby islands as well. the males have green emeralds on the throat and a pair of long tails and beautiful flank plumes in deep yellow on the base. The females are maroon-colored and slimmer than the males.

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# The Blue Bird of Paradise

Many ornithologists believed that this bird is the most beautiful bird on this planet. The males will perform one of the most complex courtship rituals in the animal kingdom. They will hang upside down on the branch and proudly show off their violet-blue and cinnamon flank plumes. Then the females are chestnut brown colored.

# Ragiana Bird of Paradise

This polygamous bird can be recognized by its large reddish pink on its flank plumes and is the national bird of Papua New Guinea as well. The males will attract the females by shaking their heads and clapping their wings. They also have long black tails and the females are relatively dull looking than the males.

#The Ribbon-Tailed Astrapia


This bird is considered as recently discovered by all of the birds of paradise species. The males can grow up to 32 cm and their tail measures have lengths there times longer than their bodies. The females are brown-colored with multicolored heads.

#The Victoria’s Riflebird


This bird is endemic to the Atherton Tableland region in Queensland. The males have reddish-purple plumage and their heads are more blue-green. They also have beautiful triangular blue patches on their necks. The females are brown-colored and have white eyebrows look.

#The Red Bird Of Paradise


This bird is endemic to Indonesian islands; the males have green faces along with ornate red tail plumes and a pair of blacktails which might take time at least six years for the bird to reach it. The females are very similar to males, however, they are smaller and do not have ornate plumes.

#The Princess Stephanie

This species was named in honor of Princess Stephanie from Belgium. This is the middle size of the bird is 37 cm in length. The males are black-colored with multicolored heads. They also have a pair of long tails in purple-black feathers. Then the females are dark brown colored with bluish-black colors on their heads.

#The King of Saxony Bird


Many people did not believe that it is real because of the wonderful large ornament on their head plumes. It said that the head plumes can size up to 50 cm long which is twice their size of bodies. The males are black-colored with deep brown and yellow irises. The females are grayish-brown colored.


#The Superb Bird Of Paradise


It can be categorized by its courtship ritual which is one of the strangest rituals in the bird world. The males have beautiful green crowns and black feathers as well as bluish-green on the breast. The females are reddish-brown colored and smaller.

#The Goldie’s Bird

The males have dark green and yellow plumage along with lavender color on their breasts. Their ornate tails are red-colored and the females are cinnamon-brown colored.

#The Wilson’s Bird


This is one of the smaller birds of paradise which is alone one that is most colorful as well. The females have violet-black, red, and blue on their plumage. Then the males are brownish colored and have a blue sparkle on their crowns.

#The Wallace’s Bird

This species was believed as the first bird of paradise that was brought to Europe. They have colorful plumage and the white plumes come out from the male’s wings the females are olive-brown colored with longer tails.

#The King Bird


This is the smallest of the bird of paradise and the males have red and white-colored along with bright blue feet. They also have fan plumage on their backs in green. The females are plain old brown colored.

#The Long-Tailed Widow bird


The males have a very long tail feather and they use it to attract a female. The males will spread their beautiful plumage to attract females. There are around five females in each family group.

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# Anhinga Bird

The snakebird could be a fairly massive (35-inch) diving bird that appears a touch sort of a skinny pelecaniform seabird. it‘s long and slender, with an extended sharp bill it uses to spearfish underwater. Another name for this bird is “snake bird,” as a result of it oftentimes swims with simply its head higher than water, trying sort of snake.

Anhingas conjointly soar on thermals like hawks in an hour. Males are principally dark, with white feathers on the higher wings, and females are dark below, with brown heads and necks. 

They’ll usually be seen spreading their wings to dry within the sun before creating another dive for fish. This species is found in most wetlands below the autumn line, particularly in summer once they are most varied.

They don’t would like abundant water to dive in, however, do would like a touch of open water to maneuver.