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Trap Dove Easy Way Using Snare Might Should You Know

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I wish you luck today!

Trap Dove Easy Way Using Snare Might Should You Know It Easy to Practice on Your Own at Home

Today I share with you how I catch dove on my garden actually that is at palm plantation. The palm tree is more likely for dove on there are many dove flies and build nest honestly on palm plantation many birds home like the dove.
Why I catch the bird that not for makes them reduce I just take them and release again to other places for added deployment of their habitat not only in plantation but also there can have to breed on other places like village and edge of the jungle on our village.
I totally did like that just for good reason when many of bird hunter trap them for sale that caused extinct of them on future. Furthermore, I just share with you about educating how to not use this knowledge for animal or pet around your home. We love an animal like birds I believe they also can usefully for our live.
Trap create with the snare is an easy thing you just need snare and tied that and put it to the ground and also put bail like a bean or paddy. not only bait and snare trap you must have a one your dove for lure the wild one. I can’t give you clear of creating trap because it to danger if that trap takes on the wrong place.
Lets watching this video for an exact trap. If you have questions do not hesitate to comment.