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Amazing Birds of Paradise Until Now Might You Should Know for Additional Your Knowledge About Birds Species

Hello There!

Amazing Birds of Paradise

First able I wanna to say thanks for coming on my page. On this post, I share with you about my video that actually about a view birds in my backyard, I call it birds from paradise as well as Ibis, Chinese Flycatcher, broadbill, Kingfisher, etc.
All of that bird honestly I love them and care about their life even if some of them annoying me like it voice very loud at noon when I just take a rest for a while in my room. But it, not a reason to hate them.
Many of birds know under danger place in their life. It stalking by hunter and raise of human population make them on danger habitat.
Day by day the birds on my village is gone its some species show up but some other birds I no see for a long time. The rare birds include the common birds before like Chinese flycatcher now the more limit of the population if we do not do anything someday we lose of them on our surroundings.
Instead, we grow up population make them went to the edge of our life for the comfortable place to breeding and happy life but the food reduces quickly and the solution to get food is in the human area that makes them danger situation.
The industrial when build farm needs to open the new area for plenty of palm tree area that so trouble things besides that have benefit but also for animal welfare it’s so bad.

We might aware about but we also need a job for better lives but its make we in seize position with the animal for getting food If we aware where different kind human and them? Than just irony word.

For me, all birds are the most beautiful creature that I called them from paradise each bird has a different kind and instincts.

The species bird of prey being predator can attack larger prey than it body as well mammal and little birds also the birds fish eater have the longer it beak for catch either.

The birds of singing have a beautiful voice and average of them larvae eater and have the cylinder beak with beautiful plumage also they middle size.

If that no problem for that what we can do for them, in addition, to make better lives for some creature as well birds. I support anything for animal welfare because I love them. This page I create also for animal support.

On the video below I share with you some beautiful birds that I shot on my camera in my backyard. That look like the amateur I just try do best for my lives.

Beautiful Birds Video

Paradise Birds

Birds of Paradise 3