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How To Make Easy Homemade Cat Food With Simple Recipes Page 2

How to make cat food using Tempeh

Making the cat food of Tempeh is most easily and becomes the most widely used as an alternative food for cats in Asia, but most importantly you should check the
ingredients first before

Processed into cat food:

1. Boiled Tuna and Tempeh
2. Rice that is mushy so that when mixed will be easy for cats to eat
4. Fish oil or olive oil
5. Mix All Ingredients

How to make cat food using fish

Fish is known as a favorite food for cats. There are some types of fish that should not be eaten by the cat!


Milkfish usually were given a cat after being steamed or boiled. But be familiar with steam it will make the soft bones so that the cat will not be hurt by sharp bones.


Although the tunny fish is known for its numerous and sharp length, it is teste also the most favorite by Cat! you must first separate the fish meat with its fish thorns.

Salted fish

Well, a lot of cats like salted fish! Usually, also the food is mixed with tempeh and rice to be given to cats.


Many cat lovers feed tuna to their cats. Although expensive. Don’t give tuna too often because cats will limp.

The Ingredients

1     cup of tuna (without salt)
1/2 cups rice
1/4 cups boiled liver that has been crushed
2-3 parsley stem chopped

Although tuna is very fancy and expensive, the content of tuna is lacking much for cats. So, if your cat eating only tuna meat its will not be fulfilled all the nutrition.


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